John DC Miles

John is a musician/rocker at heart (and has attended over 400 concerts), threw 80s parties in NYC, and at 18 years-old, held up a sign and sang a song with Sting. He does a scary imitation of Franck Eggelhoffer (from the film, “Father of the Bride”).

John has parlayed his inability to focus and not think of 10 things at once into cross-sector business development and connecting disparate things, whether people or business ideas. You say Portland? And he’ll likely link Fred Armisen, Nike, and Johnny Marr (of The Smiths) together. He is a “double Dukie,” which, in Blue Devil parlance, means he attended Duke for both undergrad and MBA. He was an English major, prefers custom poems over Hallmark cards, and spoke to his fellow MBA classmates at graduation about how the personal activities and interests dwelling at the bowels of a resume can actually make you a more interesting professional.

John spent 8 years at Goldman Sachs, before getting his MBA, in order to focus on entrepreneurial ideas, eventually starting a cross-sector business development company, Art & Science Collaborative, and helping to lead the build-out of the world’s first commercial dance brand at Millennium Dance Media. He also trained for 8 months to try to qualify for the 2012 IRONMAN World Championships, but…wait for it…he didn’t qualify. Sigh.

He operates with his clients from a point of empathy, having spent much time as a pre-med student in hospitals and volunteering with a local ambulance. The “embed” we see reporting from the front lines with military teams is the analogous model John follows when consulting - with you, side-by-side, through the entire journey.

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What do you like most about admissions consulting?

I was helped a ton throughout my own process and was taught at a very early age to always ask "how can I help?" I similarly draw much from it and have a mind that connects disparate things quickly so enjoy meeting new people and helping them tell their story.

What's the COOLEST place you've ever visited? Why was it so cool?

I am 50% Norwegian (one of my grandmothers came from Mandal) so doing a cruise of the fjords was amazing. I actually saw redhead dudes that looked just like me!