Jacob Allison

Jake grew up in pastoral Muscatine, Iowa, home to the Mississippi River, a Monsanto seed plant, a Heinz ketchup factory, and (briefly) Mark Twain.

Growing up in Iowa not only affirmed Jake’s love of corn products, but also provided ample time to hone his writing skills, and he was soon a two-time winner of the Monsanto Diversity Essay Competition!

Jake’s strength as an Admissionado essay specialist comes from his diverse academic and artistic background. Jake earned his BA in International Relations and minored in Arabic Language Studies at the University of Iowa, where he graduated magna cum laude. He then went on to work in academic publishing at the premier publishing house of Taylor & Francis, where he worked in acquisitions and account management and learned the ins and outs of today’s competitive textbook market.

Prior to pursuing his bachelor’s degree, Jake worked for a decade as a professional ballet dancer and teacher. This taught him that important leadership experiences don’t always come from the classroom or office, but can be acquired on stage, in a sweaty rehearsal studio, or just about anywhere. With this creative perspective, Jake helps clients highlight their unique qualifications and talents, showcasing their individuality to their dream schools.

In his spare time, Jake still dances and is an aspiring amateur cyclist, competing in regional races on the east coast. He loves working with international students and looks forward to helping clients with their admissions goals!