Claudia Nelson

Born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Claudia left her midwestern roots only to explore more of the midwest by attending University of Iowa where she graduated in 2006.

Between her studies she found time to participate in Alpha Phi Omega, water polo, and to major in Psychology (so pretty much, she can read minds). Just ask any of our clients, her matchmaking skills are trippy!

Claudia joined Admissionado in November 2013 with operations experience in the start-up, financial and non-profit sectors. Her past work experiences include time at one of the country’s leading non-profits, devoted to early detection and prevention of cancer. In her spare time, Claudia has developed a love affair for tech systems and was recently interviewed for a non-profit glossary for her work on integrations. She's also a strong supporter of pretty much any product Apple puts out there...don't try to convince her otherwise.

When she is not writing narratives in the third person, you can find her jogging along the lakefront, practicing yoga, or at the dog park with her husband and her dog, Charlie.

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