Chloe Heskett

A modern-day digital nomad, Chloe moves every chance she gets, preferably to a new country or continent.

In addition to travel, she has had a lifelong passion for the literary arts and is an avid reader, with a particular fondness for classic English literature (her favorite book is "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" by Thomas Hardy).

A recent graduate of the University of Virginia, Chloe studied politics and French during her undergraduate years and spent untold hours editing her university paper, where she found fulfillment untangling and perfecting stories in the company of other grammar nerds. She plans to go back to school some day, just as soon as she narrows down what she wants to study from “everything” down to “that thing.”

After spending her first year out of college living on an island in the Caribbean teaching English, speaking French, and tanning (okay, sun-burning) on idyllic beaches, she worries she may have peaked a little early in life. For a sea change, she’s currently based in chilly, rainy London, her favorite city in the world.

When she’s not helping Admissionado clients reach their story-telling potential, Chloe spends her free time running, visiting her favorite renaissance painters at the National Gallery, and drinking far too much coffee.