Ching Au

MIT’s motto is “Mens et manus,” or “Mind and hand.” Indeed this is Ching’s secret sauce.

Growing up in Hong Kong, Ching (you can also call him Tony) was the valedictorian at Hong Kong Polytechnic University—that’s right, literally the guy with the highest grades in the entire school. Honored by almost a dozen scholarships within 3 years, he then chose to pursue his doctorate in Engineering at MIT, the No.1 engineering school in the world.

It has been said that getting into MIT is the easy part; getting out actually is tougher. As it turns out, it’s true—after all, every degree from MIT must be earned, and no honorary degrees are awarded. Ching’s list of accomplishments while at MIT is dizzying — beyond earning his Doctor of Science degree (ScD), he also has a few inventions, and authored countless articles and books (mostly on stuff we don’t understand, like ”hygrothermal effects,” and “liquid barriers.”) Upon graduation, Ching took up his career in the semiconductor space, and in just a few short years, he has already risen to the top and manages a group of extreme talent.

For Ching, it all comes back to MIT’s motto: the smartest way to solve problems is by asking why (“the Mind”) and how (“the Hand”). Ching is the consummate MIT engineer: his solutions are as elegant as they are effective.

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