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The Admissions Committee Simulator

October 08, 2023 :: admisdev

An innovative creation from the Admissionado Labs! Utilizing all the input from the student thus far into the process, we also present the student with one additional task: answer three carefully curated questions in video form. We do this for a few reasons: (1) It allows the student to convey their personality more directly than through the written word; (2) It provides an opportunity for students to explore ideas and topics that might become relevant in the essay writing phase; (3) Forcing the student to convey complex thoughts into a compressed time frame is excellent training for effective communication. Our committee of three reviews the candidate alongside a handful of other candidates (prior admits as well as waitlists as well as rejections), to facilitate a blind, comparative analysis, i.e., a simulation of how the decision-making process works in reality. Three scores are committed first, followed by a dialogue to consider the candidate in a frank and qualitative manner. The highlights of this conversation are then passed back to the main consultant. In order to make the dialogue as honest and constructive as possible, we do not disclose the results of the internal dialogue.