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The Admissions Committee Simulator

December 02, 2023 :: admisdev

Another innovative creation from the Admissionado Labs! Once the Client has gone through the full Discovery process and has generated a first draft of all main essays for the first school, we cohere these elements into a simulated “final” application for a hand-selected committee of three tough critics (Former M7 Adcom) to review. Included in this “final application” is the video recording of the three questions we use in The M7 Insider AuditTM. Our committee of three reviews the candidate alongside a handful of other candidates (prior admits as well as waitlists as well as rejections), to facilitate a comparative analysis, i.e., a simulation of how the decision-making process works in reality. First, the scores are committed independently; this is followed by a dialogue to consider the candidate in a frank and qualitative manner. The highlights of this conversation are then passed to the main consultant at this critical juncture in the application process – leaving enough time to make any important adjustments to align the application toward the most optimal outcome. In order to make the dialogue as honest and constructive as possible for the Client’s benefit, we do not disclose the results of the internal dialogue.