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Phone Support

September 24, 2023 :: admisdev

For Gold and Platinum clients, you have all the phone access to your consultant you’ll need. Correction, a reasonable person who understands boundaries has all the phone access they will ever need (and then some). For 99.99% of our clients, this ends up making intuitive sense, and the total phone time falls within a beautifully consistent expected range of calls and hours. Most humans are good, yay! And yet. There exists the .01% (a non-zero number), where the expectation is that we function like an on-demand, on-call operating service. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’re not your firm. (No professional firm that is experienced and worth its salt will [need to] avail their time in an unlimited capacity.) At the end of the day, we’ve got your back, we are there for you absolutely whenever you need. But also, don’t be an abusive, entitled nit. We cool?