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A combination of MIT Sloan’s quantitative rigor, Stanford’s affinity for tech, and Tuck’s small-scale intimacy. Life as a Tepper MBA student is characterized by high-level collaboration and an encouragement of innovation. Notable alumni include Nobel Laureate John L. Hall (physics); Ted Decker, CEO and president of The Home Depot; Gerald C. Meyers, Chairman of American Motors; Ted Nierenberg, founder of Dansk International Designs.

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Pittsburgh, PA
United States

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These are very much 'name' business schools, recognizable, highly-respected, even if not as eminently recognizable (and revered) as the ones that begin with H, S, or W. Way underrated and shouldn't be is the potential benefit of a less intense, comparatively more sane approach to work/life in cohorts at these institutions. If the 'label' matters not, and your elbows aren't all that sharp, this tier of schools can be a pragmatic way to turbo boost your network and job market 'buying power' for meaningful upgrades.

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As far as true global reach goes for post-MBA employment, the "A-Range" schools may have greater reach. However, when it comes to local opportunities (city, state, country, region), many schools in this tier have just as much (and in some cases more) firepower than any school imaginable. So, geography post-MBA should be in the mix when eyeing schools in this pocket. You can easily excel in the same ways and to the same extent as another might with those "A-Range" names.

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