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The "Wall Street Prep School” NYU Stern’s MBA program is overwhelmingly finance-focused, not surprising given the NYC location and proximity to Wall Street, as well as the number of faculty members that work on The Street. Stern also offers solid options for two other big NYC industries: Consulting and Media. A few of Stern's alumni include former Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States, Alan Greenspan; former CEO and current Chairman of Nasdaq, Robert Greifeld; CFO of Pfizer, Alan Levin; and President of DC Comics, Paul Levitz.

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New York, NY
United States

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Very High (2nd Tier)

Roughly-speaking, a 2nd Tier pull finds you in the 2nd half of the Top 15, Top 20: very much in the game with the boys and girls, but whereas the first, exclusive looks may go to that top slice, this bracket is no joke, and puts you in an advantageous position compared to the vast majority of all other MBAs on planet Earth.

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For all the fast-lane, super sexy, sought-after roles in say consulting, finance (buyside especially), the A+ and A schools tend to have earlier and perhaps better bites at the apple. While these positions are disproportionately popular among Top Tier MBAs, they are still a narrow slice of the broader game ('the business world') where an impressive MBA is dangerous. In this broader context, A- makes you about as dangerous as you need to be. While you might need to prove yourself just a tad more, alums from this class end up in by and large the same arenas as those from higher-ranked schools.

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BCG, McKinsey & Co., Kearney, Credit Suisse, Mastercard