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Kellogg was the first business school in the world to insist that all applicants be interviewed to assess their leadership potential and suitability for the school's cooperative environment. So, in addition to test scores, GPAs and professional achievement, "fit" is an important part of applicant's attributes. Kellogg, with the number one-ranked marketing program in the world (and the numbers to back it), is well-regarded for its social scene, excellent general management program, and relaxed atmosphere. Kellogg students are fiercely loyal to their school, and to one another. Almost all assignments are team-based. Notable alumni include Arthur Andersen (THE Arthur E. Andersen); Booz Allen Hamilton founders Edwin G. Booz and James L. Allen; and Gordon Segal, founder of Crate & Barrel.

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Evanston, IL
United States

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Sure, it may be true (as far as ranking goes) that mathematically the number "1" is higher than the number "2." But it's a shlocky way of thinking about which schools are 'better' than others. For us, a grade of "Best of the Best (1st Tier)" is a signal that in terms of a school's ability to have positive impact on your development and career in name and experience, it doesn't get better than this for ANY school in this class.

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Maybe a school with an "A" gets edged out by the chosen .001%ers at the A+ tier, but not by much, and not by many. In other words, an "A" grade may as well be as good as it gets, even if there exists a school or two that is technically a micro notch mightier. "A" means, you are forever marked by as much greatness in terms of street cred as you'll ever need.

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BCG, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey, Booz & Company, Bain, Microsoft