October 25, 2018

Harvard College Intellectual Experience Essay

Harvard College

Your intellectual life may extend beyond the academic requirements of your particular school. Please use the space below to list additional intellectual activities that you have not mentioned or detailed elsewhere in your application. These could include, but are not limited to, supervised or self-directed projects not done as school work, training experiences, online courses not run by your school, or summer academic or research programs not described elsewhere.

It’s not the “what” here that matters… it’s the implied “why.” There’s a clue in that first sentence, did you catch it? It’s all about that word “requirements.” Things you’re required to do, you may do amazing things with, or not, but regardless, you did ’em because it was expected of you. With the world as your oyster, with an infinite number of things you can do, how do you enrich your INTELLECTUAL LIFE when no one is forcing you to? Because they’re asking for a list, you shouldn’t elaborate with explanations. But, you should aim to put together a list that has the following characteristics:

  • Doesn’t seem random and utterly disconnected (it shouldn’t seem surprising that the same person pursued all those things)
  • If all the items on this list make PERFECT sense with everything on your normal transcript/school profile… if it’s not interesting enough you may want to DELETE a few to draw attention to anything on here that ADDS to your rounded-ness, rather than falls into step with what’s been established
  • Don’t list too many things. It’ll seem like you’re trying to impress the reader with quantity to cover for a lack of quality.

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