MBA Packages & Pricing

Whatever you need, we’re there to help. Waitlist? Choosing from multiple admits? Looking to land a scholarship, a fellowship...even a job? We do it all--and we're your partners for life.

The Silver Package

The Silver starts out precisely the way the Gold and Platinium services do: intense diagnostics, strategy, and blueprinting. Then for Silver, we go SURGICAL on your essays. High yield & budget-friendly MBA application consulting.

What's Included


Client Questionnaire

Same as Gold/Platinum: We ask incredibly targeted questions. (A lot of em.) Be thoughtful and honest and tell us everything. Digging deep begins here. This is where we start to identify your most powerful potential angles for your MBA application 'branding.' If you have strengths and weaknesses, this is time to start to get our arms around it.


Discovery & Competitive Edge Positioning

Same as Gold/Platinum: Time to dig deeper. We bring in our IMPACT™ framework to break things down before we reassemble. The IMPACT™ framework looks at the six major facts (Influence, Management, Passion, Awareness, Creativity, Teamwork) and we ask specific questions to go well beyond the common, superficial level to get to the stuff that actually matters to admissions gatekeepers. We'll gather and recommend strategies for your best pathway to a successful business school application outcome.


The Action Plan

Same as Gold/Platinum: At this point, we cohere our analysis into a blueprint to provide some structure to the process. The art form here is to know how much structure to provide, but still allow for new information to shape and improve our strategy along the way. Finding that line comes from instinct and years of experience.


The Essay Development Cauldron

Same as Gold/Platinuim: Effective swords are made from subjecting raw metal material to extreme pressure and shaping processes. That's how we roll with your business school essays. If the initial strategy process is smart and effective, you should never need more than four (occasionally five) back-and-forth drafts. Your business school essays go from ugly duckling to swan, showcasing your MBA assets legible and resonant.

Silver Package Pricing

  • 1-School
  • 2-School
  • 3-School
  • 4-School
  • 5-School
  • $3,250
  • $4,130
  • $4,990
  • $5,720
  • $6,450

*If you pay-as-you-go, School #1 is $3,250, each additional is $1,100.

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