MBA Packages & Pricing

Whatever you need, we’re there to help. Waitlist? Choosing from multiple admits? Got something else you wanna run past us? We're mentors--if we can help, we will. We're your partners for life.

The Gold Package

The Gold service guides you through the entire MBA application process. The goal? You receive interviews and acceptances. Are you prepared to work (really, really) hard? (Correct Answer: Hellllls yes.)

What's Included


Client Questionnaire

We ask incredibly targeted questions. (A lot of em.) Be thoughtful and honest and tell us everything. Digging deep begins here. This is where we start to identify your most powerful potential angles for your MBA application 'branding.' If you have strengths and weaknesses, this is time to start to get our arms around it.


Discovery & Competitive Edge Positioning

Time to dig deeper. We bring in our IMPACT™ framework to break things down before we reassemble. The IMPACT™ framework looks at the six major facts (Influence, Management, Passion, Awareness, Creativity, Teamwork) and we ask specific questions to go well beyond the common, superficial level to get to the stuff that actually matters to admissions gatekeepers. We'll gather and recommend strategies for your best pathway to a successful business school application outcome.


The Action Plan

At this point, we cohere our analysis into a blueprint to provide some structure to the process. The art form here is to know how much structure to provide, but still allow for new information to shape and improve our strategy along the way. Finding that line comes from instinct and years of experience.


Essay Pre-Flight (Topic Planning)

Before we sign off on an essay to enter our exhaustive iterative drafting process (a process which involves our essay analysis specialists), we first assess the readiness of your proposed essay themes. This happens with reviewing an outline or a high-level "logic map" ahead of time to get the contours and underlying themes rock solid before we put it all through 'The Cauldron.'


The Essay Development Cauldron

Effective swords are made from subjecting raw metal material to extreme pressure and shaping processes. That's how we roll with your business school essays. If the initial strategy process is smart and effective, you should never need more than four (occasionally five) back-and-forth drafts. Your business school essays go from ugly duckling to swan, showcasing your MBA assets legible and resonant.


The 2nd Consultant Peer Review

A 2nd elite MBA reviews your MBA application as though it were rejected, explaining why. This novel 'Mock Ding' approach affords key insights from someone on the team who knows your industry inside-out, or has relevant alma mater experience, or none of the above, and is simply a 'hard ass whose insights we always want at this stage!' Whoever does the peer review, it helps us stay sharp and make sure we leave no stones unturned.


Resume Support

Your MBA resume needs to show two things: (1) evidence of a career arc/trajectory, and (2) that you are top MBA material based on experience details delivered precisely and in a very particular way. It is a different beast from a 'Job Resume." We break it all down (with feedback and comments) and build it back up, super strong and super tight. Usually two rounds gets us there.


LOR Support

We adjust our feedback to suit your recommenders’ tastes. We help steer the process to help your recommenders improve their message, without compromising anyone’s integrity.


Interview Prep (Standard)

Over two sessions (video chat), we take you a cold mock, then review your stories, share tips tailored to you specifically, and then rock a second, formal mock session. (We have support for all the weird interviews also: Wharton TBD, HBS Post-Reflection, all the bizarro, non-conformist variations, we've got you.)


Additional Support

The take home here is this: our goal is to get you in. So whatever you need, we've got you. Also, we are a high-integrity team of seasoned professionals and as such, is access to our experts unlimited? Of course not. Any professional service that offers unlimited help should make one of your eyebrows go... up. We're not amateurs. We know exactly what to do to deliver. Trust us, trust the process, and you will land well.

Gold Package Pricing

  • 1-School
  • 2-School
  • 3-School
  • 4-School
  • 5-School
  • $5,850
  • $7,000
  • $7,990
  • $8,720
  • $9,450

*If you pay-as-you-go, School #1 is $5,750, each additional is $1,400.

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