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What’s the most common trait among our most successful clients over the years?

It has NOT been sky-high GMATs or fancy undergrad schools or splashy career goals…

Answer –> They all start the MBA applications process EARLY.

Way early.

Surprised? So were we. But it’s true. Planners are rewarded in the business school application game. Probably because it’s a logical extension of being clear on your goals. Or, for those whose goals are still foggy, planning early helps to bring it all into focus. However you get there, starting early puts you on the straightest and surest path toward a top MBA.

Starting Early Pays Off…

“There can be 50 different factors that can play against you when you apply to top MBA programs. In my case, perhaps 100. So working with the Admissionado team a year in advance of when I was applying was crucial. They helped me take those 100 down to nearly zero. Through this Advanced Planning program, with my consultant’s guidance, I was able to find opportunities to expand my profile and make me a more competitive applicant. And coming from the most competitive demographic there is – Indian IT Male – that made all the difference. The Admissionado team was very patient with me, they helped me see things in a different light and have helped me regain my confidence in a lot of ways I can’t express. Not only did I eventually get into my dream school (Wharton!), but I learnt so much about myself in this journey. It was exceptional working with Admissionado!”

KK – Delhi

How Does The Advanced Planning Program Work?

It’s a ‘bucketed hours’ service. You can sign up for Advanced Planning whenever you’d like and distribute the hours in whatever way suits your needs best (naturally, we’ll have some ideas on how to do this for you, specifically). Some front-load it, others benefit from periodic check-ins over a longer period of time. Most choose to start the program up to two years in advance of when they officially apply to MBA programs, and some add hours along the way if they’re really benefitting from the support and want more. Some use the program for a single year. Other use it for just a few months before they start their applications. Discounts are available for longer-term commitments.

First, we set you up with one of our mega-talented MBA admissions experts. This includes our patented “Discovery & Competitive Edge Positioning” process. The diagnostic / assessment phase.

Second, we figure out exactly where you need to be by the time you start developing your MBA applications.

Third, we establish goals (tailored specifically to you) throughout the duration of the program, roughly six hours of consultations. It can be six 1-hour meetings, twelve 30-minute meetings, a combo of facetime hours and some offline hours for your consultant, depending. It all depends on you, that’s the key.

Finally, we get to work. Hardcore. Meeting periodically, making sure you are on track toward the plan we’ve established together to shore up your weaknesses and strengthen your profile, bit by bit, over time.

Eventually, when you’re ready to develop your resume and begin work on your essays, your starting position will have strengthened significantly, and your chances at earning admission to a top MBA program will be that much higher. It’s as simple as that.

If you need help figuring out where your weak spots are and how to plug them, this program is a great fit. If you have trouble staying focused on a longer-term goal, this program is a great fit. If you are dead-set on earning a top-tier MBA and want to do everything you can to get in, this program is a great fit.

“I am a non-traditional applicant…”

“I opted in to the Advanced Planning program last year, ten months prior to my MBA application, and I am glad that I made the correct investment. Especially since I was just called for an interview at HBS! I wanted to get help for my applications early because I am a non-traditional applicant. I come from a research (not business) background and, even more, I am an older applicant. I knew I had some challenges and I wanted help to strengthen my profile before I applied. The first thing Mark did was assess my profile and help me see the areas where I could improve for my MBA applications. Then, every month, we chatted on the phone and went through various topics, which helped me understand my achievement, my goal, my needs, and most importantly, myself. Later on, when it came time to write my applications, I did not experience any obstacles. I knew exactly what I had to do and how I had to present myself because of all the time I worked with Mark. I also had a much stronger profile because I had used 10 months to fill in the holes. The Advanced Planning program brought to me the much-needed preparation and I highly recommend it, especially to non-traditional or International applicants who need an edge in their applications.”

CW – Beijing

Program Highlights

The Advanced Planning program is highly customized, and no two plans are identical. But all plans revolve around four core aspects of your MBA application profile:

1. Career

As an MBA applicant, nothing is more critical to your application than your career progression. We will help you map your career objectives and keep you on track on a regular basis: what projects to take on, what roles to pursue, what jobs to consider, best practices in seeking promotions, and other ways to extract the most value with your MBA app in mind. If you’ve had some blemishes on your resume (were laid off, have been unemployed, etc.), we also provide full cover letter, resume, and interview prep support throughout your job search.

2. Extra-Curriculars

MBA programs accept people, not profiles. We focus on helping you to master your extra-curricular profile, whether through non-profit work, or other leadership-based opportunities. We’ll guide you as you identify programs, roles, and positions that will improve your profile attractiveness.

3. Leadership

For all top MBA programs (not just Harvard Business School!), leadership remains one of the critical indicators of future success. Our MBA consultants will push you hard in this area. Whether it’s identifying leadership opportunities in your existing job or helping you to find new opportunities, we make sure this aspect of your application gleams.

4. Academics

Is your GPA low? Do you come from a conspicuously non-quant background? There are things you can do to overcome these challenges, and since you’re starting early, you have time to strengthen this area of your profile! Your consultant will help you identify classes you can take or alternative moves you can make to bolster your academic standing. Your consultant can also help you develop a plan to prepare for the GMAT. While this does not include actual test prep, we will help keep you organized and help you choose effective, intelligent test prep approaches.

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