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Canadian MBA Crash Course: Differences Between U.S. and Canadian Programs

March 06, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

So, what are the main differences between American and Canadian business programs? Let’s dig in:

More International Classes

Similar to the UK, Canada’s smaller population and focus on attracting international students results in a more international student body at Canadian business schools. An international student body is a relatively recent selling point for U.S. schools—it’s long been a necessity for Canadian institutions.

Cost of Living

It’s no secret, the cost of an education in the U.S is skyrocketing. Not only are Canadian University programs less expensive than top American programs for similar value, but living in Canada is cheaper too. Prices in Canada’s largest cities don’t even come close to prices in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, so international students here get a quality lifestyle that doesn’t break the bank.

Post-Graduation Opportunities

While America’s immigration debate takes center stage across cable news, Canada is extremely welcoming to students seeking permanent residency. Applicants seeking to make a move from China, India or beyond will find plenty of opportunities to do so after graduating with a Canadian MBA, though as ever in the world of visas, nothing is 100% guaranteed.


Compared to top American and European MBA programs, Canadian Universities tend to fly under the radar, although that’s starting to change as the word gets out. This means that for now, applicants may find greater opportunities up North, especially considering just how saturated the American MBA applicable pool has become.

These are just some differences between U.S. and Canadian MBA programs. Stay tuned as we dive into individual Canadian schools and their strengths.


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