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2012-2013 MBA Application Deadlines Are Rolling Out…

June 23, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

Mark your calendars, friends. Now that HBS has released their essays and kicked off the 2012-2013 MBA application season, the flood gates are open and the updates just keep on coming. And this week was a big one, with 8 schools releasing their 2012-2013 application deadlines.

And here they are:


Round 1: 10/16/12

Round 2: 1/3/13

Round 3: 4/10/13


Round 1: 10/1/12

Round 2: 1/3/13


Round 1: 10/10/12

Round 2: 1/3/13

Round 3: 3/4/13


Round 1: 10/17/12

Round 2: 11/29/12


Round 1: 10/3/12

Round 2: 1/9/13

Round 3: 4/3/13


Round 1: 11/15/12

Round 2: 1/15/13

Yale SOM:

Round 1: 10/4/12

Round 2: 1/8/13


Round 1: 10/19/12

Round 2: 12/7/12

Round 3: 1/11/13

Our advice? Get those dates down in your calendar and back into them. Give yourself at least 4 weeks per application, and maybe a week or two more if you’ve got more than one deadline hitting at the same time. (And if you’re trying to get multiple apps in for R1, well, start now.) Then fill in some internal deadlines as you go: line up your recommenders by X date, have your resume complete by Y date, draft your essays by AA date.

Sure, you may not hit every mini-deadline along the way (there are always things popping up and derailing even the best laid plans), but planning smartly up front will help you hit those bigger deadlines the end. And, well, those are the ones that matter most, eh?

We’ll have our full list of 2012-2013 MBA Application deadlines updated soon, so keep checking back.