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What makes you different from other firms?

July 21, 2023 :: jessica

Rigorous Screening Process:

We have a rigorous selection process that ensures we only onboard the most exceptional consultants. While other firms may solely rely on the prestige of consultants’ alma maters, we go beyond that. Our screening and training process focuses on top diagnostic ability, evaluating candidates through intensive interviews and assessments. Only the top performers progress to subsequent rounds, while low performers are eliminated at each stage. In addition to diagnostic ability, we also prioritize coaching talent. We look for consultants who inspire confidence and can adapt their guidance style to suit clients with diverse personalities and cultural backgrounds.

Team-Based Approach:

We have found that a team-based approach to application consulting yields the best results. The consultant serves as the strategic point person throughout the process, overseeing the big picture strategy. They ask crucial questions to ensure differentiation from peers, crafting an intellectually and emotionally resonant candidate story, and presenting the strongest angles to showcase strengths effectively. For the writing-intensive aspect of the application, we bring in a dedicated Essay Specialist. Working under the guidance of the main consultant, the Essay Specialist dives deep into the writing, providing analysis, feedback, and actionable suggestions for multiple rounds of edits. This split approach allows each specialist to remain fresh and focused, leveraging their specific expertise to deliver optimal results for each client. Such a division of labor is a rarity in the admissions consulting industry.

Culture and Individualized Approach:

Our culture and approach have been highly praised by parents and students who choose to work with us. Clients appreciate our authenticity, transparency, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Many describe us as genuinely nice, capable of alleviating stress and anxiety throughout the process. We prioritize a personable and tailored approach that meets each client’s unique needs. Rather than simply telling clients what they want to hear, we provide honest feedback and guidance. We believe in helping clients craft individualized, true-to-self applications, as these are qualities highly valued by admissions committees. Unlike firms focused on strict clock-watching, we prioritize quality over quantity and dedicate ourselves to delivering exceptional service.