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How do you make pairings?

July 21, 2023 :: jessica

Our pairing process is driven by the anticipated outcomes for each individual client. We carefully consider which consultant is most likely to provide the greatest value and support to the client. Various factors come into play, such as the consultant’s area of interest, background, language/cultural familiarity, and even personality types. In some cases, we’ll pair a student interested in STEM with one who doesn’t have a background in STEM because we’ve found these students tend to work better with consultants specialized in storytelling.

We rarely make pairings based solely on the target school and the consultant’s alma mater. While this is often a preference expressed by parents, it is not a particularly useful criterion for matching. This is because all our consultants possess equal expertise in developing applications for top colleges across the board. Regardless of whether a consultant is a Stanford graduate guiding a student applying to Brown or a Brown graduate advising a student aiming for Stanford, they have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide excellent guidance. Our focus is on finding the most compatible consultant-client match based on the client’s unique needs and objectives.