Leslie Curry

Leslie Curry’s fascination with messaging originated in the heart of Washington, DC, Capitol Hill, where she began her pre-MBA career stumping for national political candidates and fundraising with the ultimate salespeople —lobbyists.

She observed first-hand how identifying and resonating with your target audience makes the difference between wins and losses. Later, using the marketing and management skills she obtained at Darden (Wahoohwa!), Leslie generated sustainable business results at companies both large (Thomson Reuters, IHG, Kaplan) and small (startup e-commerce shops and consulting firms), positioning products and solutions for a range of audiences from B2B customers to internal sales teams to voters.

She brings that same passion and expertise to you and your business school efforts. Working hand in hand with you as a partner and cheerleader, Leslie will identify how to message and differentiate yourself from the crowded applicant pool, successfully reaching your own target audience.

Start Working With Leslie

Tell us something surprising about you.

I might have left politics and Washington, DC for business school, but they never left me. I still religiously watch “Meet the Press” on Sundays, and miss Tim Russert like crazy.

What’s your biggest weakness?

Outrageously-priced hand-crafted cocktails that feature anything ginger.

What's the best thing about being an MBA consultant?

So many of us only see the negatives of ourselves. It sometimes takes a sunshine-surrounded mirror to highlight our 100%-unique gifts, goals, and attributes. I love helping applicants figure those out!