Julien Aoyama

Julien is a 2014 graduate of Amherst College with premedical and biomedical research experience at various institutions such as the NSF, Penn, Drexel and most recently, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

After spending a year genetically analyzing how developing embryo cells in the nematode worm C. elegans communicate for his biology thesis, he spent a summer setting out to learn how to communicate with slightly more developed embryos… kids at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Seattle, Washington.

These days Julien is fulfilling his passion of working with kids in CHOP orthopedics where he’s spent the last two years helping surgeons treat their patients, while also trying to make the kids laugh… usually just the former.

As captain of the soccer team at Amherst, Julien was named a two-time All-American and has played at both semi-pro and professional levels post graduation, but he insists it’s really because of Argentina’s Lionel Messi. I mean, have you seen that man play for Barcelona?

When he’s not learning about worm embryos or goofing off with kids, you can find him eating spicy Mexican food or listening to the Toronto-born music artist Drake running through the six with his woes.

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