Amy-Lee Goodman

Amy-Lee is all about living the sweet life so, after graduating with a degree in Political Science from Wellesley College, she co-founded the cupcake and lifestyle company Zibble Inc, which partners with non-profits to “frost” a better future. (She can help you “frost” a better future too!)

Fulfilling her childhood dream, Amy-Lee is the author of two critically acclaimed non-fiction books, Rethink Food and The Meaty Truth, about her two passions—food and politics—and is also a contributing monthly writer for an international lifestyle magazine Vegan Lifestyle, that empowers readers to change their diet to change their lives.

As a lifelong reader and writer, she has shared her knack and keen eye for polishing admissions essays with high school students for the Let’s Get Ready program in Boston and has also taught middle school students the art of storytelling and creative writing in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She currently lives in New York City where you can find her planning her next getaway trip and finding inspiration for her next book.