Ajeeth Sankaran

AJ is an eager risk taker (his wife thinks he has a gambling problem), recreational scuba diver and an avid world traveler.

He grew up in Vienna, Austria but has always called his birthplace, New York City, home. He lives there now with his beautiful wife and 2 wonderfully…demanding kids.

Further enhancing his international background, AJ spent 3 months in Nepal designing a computer curriculum for disadvantaged children, and remains passionate about educational issues. While not doing his part to “save the children,” as an MBA candidate at Ross, AJ served as MBA ambassador and worked with the admissions team during his second year. Currently AJ is an active member of the admissions team for his alma mater, volunteering as an alumni interviewer.

Following business school AJ had a front row seat to the financial crisis as an Associate with Lehman Brothers; he currently works as a Vice President at a large bulge bracket investment bank in the firm’s Institutional Clients Group. Prior to earning his MBA AJ was a client facing IT consultant for five years. He has a BS in Electrical and Computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

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What’s the COOLEST place you’ve ever visited? Why was it so cooool?

Kathmandu, Nepal! It was my mid-20s crisis. Bored with my consulting job at IBM, unsure if the MBA was the right step … I decided to take a sabbatical from IBM (and life) to live in Nepal for a few months, and help Save the Children build out a new school. I didn’t know anyone, in a foreign culture, and it took me a few weeks to settle in, but it was awesome! Learnt more about myself there than anywhere else, and that’s why its cool!

What’s your all-time favorite memory from business school?

Saturday football games with the Ross crew…followed by finance case studies with my group (productivity was amazingly low here).

Why did you go for an MBA?

I wanted to be a finance guy, and so the MBA was the best route to facilitate the career change. The strategy worked, but I walked into the perfect storm of 2008. The MBA taught me how to manage change, but most of all gave me the self confidence to understand that all will be good. I eventually landed as a financial risk guy, which wasn't the plan, but for now, I'm loving it.