College Services

We share what we've learned about applying to college (35,000 applications later) to help your student get into the best school they can get into.

Mentorship Packages
(Grades 9–11)


We offer two approaches to high school strategy counseling: customized hourly blocks, or structured annual programs. Depending on your needs and budget, we have something for everyone.

Services Overview

  • Mentorship Packages

    Depending on your needs, budget, and timing, we offer three levels of mentorship, designed to meet students will all needs.
  • Silver

    • Discovery & Competitive Edge Positioning
    • 6 Hrs Mentorship
  • Gold

    • Discovery & Competitive Edge Positioning
    • 12 Hrs Mentorship
  • Platinum

    • Discovery & Competitive Edge Positioning
    • 24 Hrs Mentorship

Some Ways to Use Your Hours

Summer Planning 1-3 hours

The summers before 10th, 11th and 12th grade are the most crucial ones prior to completing your college applications. We help you attack them strategically.

Extracurricular Activity Planning & Strategy 1-3 hours

We help you develop a smart approach to making sure your ECs support your personal development, with a strategic eye on your future college application.

Coursework Planning & Strategy 1-3 hours

Decisions here will manifest on the transcript reviewed by every Adcom and is one of the most powerful drivers of your overall candidacy. Planning is everything.

Community Service/Volunteer Work 2-4 hours

We help brainstorm ideas, explore opportunities within your community, and make strategic suggestions for ways in which you can engage in an enriching experience.

Discussion & Debate 1-3 hours

This is a muscle that most college counseling companies neglect. We help you communicate confidently, improving your ability to impress, lead, and succeed.

Leadership Training 4+ hours

We borrow from a tradition used at places like Harvard, studying “cases.” We will train you to think like a leader through challenges and simulations.

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