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College Mentorship Services

For Younger Students – Grades 9-11 or Younger

If the admissions decision is based on a snapshot of who you are in the first semester of your senior year, then the work you do in the preceding years is the most deterministic opportunity to advance your goals. Take full advantage, and sow needle-moving seeds early.

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Mentorship Engagement


You have a specific need (summer/winter vacation planning, help planning an internship, etc.).
You don’t have a single, specific need, but you’d like to start slow.
You have a budget, and need some basic but high-yield guidance from an expert, without making a huge financial commitment.

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You may not need two meetings per month for an entire year, but you also need more than a handful of hours, your needs are in between.
You have a handful of profile areas or gaps you’d like to focus on (like vacation planning, or extracurricular strategy, or independent project planning).
You’re looking to establish a sturdy foundation to get on the right track, which will require several months of adaptive coaching and guidance.

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You need sustained help (potentially over the better part of a year) to meet goals, stay on track, and improve areas of candidate fitness.
You are keen on establishing a sturdy foundation and mentorship rhythm that you might build on come application time.
We generally recommend this tier only for individuals looking for regular sessions, roughly twice per month for a full calendar year.

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College Application Services

For 2nd Semester Juniors and 1st Semester Seniors

The biggest challenge for students applying to the most competitive institutions is to determine which puzzle pieces, assembled in which particular arrangement, will combine to tell the most impressive application pitch.

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Fancy Stuff
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Email Support
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Phone Support
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You’re up against deadlines, and you’re looking for ruthless, brutally honest, deep structure-level feedback and editing support on your essays.
You want the benefit of premium strategy, and coverage on several applications, but you are on a budget.
You don’t need support on all the peripheral elements of the application (like LORs, activities lists, etc.) and want to focus on strategy and essays alone.

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You want to leverage the full strength of Admissionado’s consulting team, including additional blind reviews from other elite experts.
You need attention on the core pieces of your college school application, including Activities Lists, LORs, Post-Admit Decision Support, and Interview Prep.
Beyond the initial Discovery Phase—which includes strategic positioning phone time with your consultant, you want additional phone access; email is not enough.

Starting at:

Budget is not an issue and you want to leverage the full strength of Admissionado’s consulting team, including additional blind reviews from other elite experts at tactical stages. You need attention on every piece of your college application, including support on Activity Lists, LORs, Interview Prep, the application itself, everything. You’ve heard about our Adcom Simulator and you want your (student’s) application to undergo the raw, objective screening to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

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A La Carte Services & Add-Ons

Purchase what you need, at your own pace, and on your own terms. We have a deep bench of A La Carte options for you to choose from.

Discovery & Competitive Edge Positioning Learn More
The Admissions Committee Simulator Learn More
The Ivy League Insider Audit™ Learn More
Benchmarking – Portfolio Approach (Standard) Learn More
Benchmarking – Portfolio Approach (Premium) Learn More
Main Essay Pre-Flight – Brainstorming, Topic Planning Learn More
The Essay Development Cauldron – Iterative Drafting Learn More
Letters of Recommendation Support Learn More
Interview Prep (Standard, 2 Sessions) Learn More
Interview Prep (Premium, 2 Sessions plus Blind Interviewer) Learn More
Activities List Review Learn More
Application Review, High-Level Scan Learn More
Waitlist Support Learn More
Hourly Support Learn More
Email, Phone Support Learn More
SAT / ACT Tutoring (Hourly) Learn More

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I want my child to learn how to bring out their very best from a no nonsense but encouraging coach.

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I understand that students who get into top colleges don’t need to be told to stay on target (these are table stakes). I am here because your firm has valuable experience and perspective to offer us that will fortify the work we are already planning to do.

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I have lofty ambitions, I understand the competition is fierce, and I’d like to leave nothing to chance.

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I’m paying a lot of money, I expect you to keep my child on task, it’s up to YOU.

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I want guarantees that my child get accepted to a target program.

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I like the idea of having several folks looking at my applications, I’d love to add a professional’s insights to the mix, but I’ll keep going to solicit more and more opinions, because I’m really thorough and as they say, the more the merrier!

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