Meet Lucy, age 25. She's from US.

Biggest Strength

Strategy consulting background

Biggest Weakness




Competitiveness of Demographic 4

The Challenge

When Lucy reached out to us she had already decided on a strategy and written the first draft of her essays. Her long-term goal was to work in venture capital in a very specific (not to mention competitive) industry; also an industry in which a very limited number of VC’s are currently focused.

Possible Approaches

We had a couple of ways of showing Lucy was the right person for the job:

  1. Showcasing her immense passion for the industry.
  2. Showcasing her unique experience in this industry, and how it’s enabled her to develop a clear plan on how to transform it.

The Admissionado Approach

On her initial draft, Lucy put a lot of focus on her passion for the industry and on its value in society. We believed it was important to communicate that her overwhelming passion was also complemented by professional experience, a fantastic network, and a clear plan to impact innovation. To do so, we needed to remove some of the excess information about why she thought the industry was so important, and replace it with a more concise narrative that took a more balanced approach.

The Result

Lucy received an offer from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Personal Shoutout

Lucy was such a tenacious and determined applicant. She knew exactly what she wanted and had a good idea about how to get there, even before she came to us for help. Her turnaround time for making edits was phenomenal and we were able to work through three applications in less than six weeks. We’re so excited to see her take charge at Wharton and then take her industry by storm.

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