Meet Kurt, a Senior. He's from Virginia.

Academic Strength

Math, Sciences, Philosophy

Biggest Weakness

Writing and Reflection

Extracurricular Strength

Basketball, Math

Well Roundedness 8

The Challenge

Kurt’s biggest obstacle was that he was not able to express his ideas, the significance of his accomplishments, and the impact of his life experiences in a coherent, creative, and compelling essay.

Possible Approaches

With a developed extracurricular profile, we primarily worked on showcasing his accomplishments and personality through the essays. We considered the following focal points:

  1. The entire range of past activities and accomplishments
  2. His ambition and future goals as a mathematician and philosopher
  3. His love for basketball and how that has shaped his life

The Admissionado Approach

We ultimately decided to focus on Kurt’s ambition and future goals to become a mathematician and philosopher. Through this vehicle we were able to explore and present his past experiences and who he is as a person, and how that has influenced his aspirations. We knew that other aspects of his accomplishments and character would be shown throughout the application, and that this particular focus would successfully tie all of his materials together to form one coherent application.

The Result

Kurt was accepted to the University of Virginia, his first choice.

Personal Shoutout

Kurt is an extremely motivated individual, willing to work extremely hard for what he wants. Colleges and classmates should all be on the lookout for this future leader. Keep rolling, kid!

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