Meet Joseph, a Senior. He's from Changsha, China.

Academic Strength

Math and Sciences

Biggest Weakness

Undeveloped extracurricular interests

Extracurricular Strength

Volunteer, International Experiences

Well Roundedness 3

The Challenge

When Joseph first came to us, his application profile was weak in multiple areas. He had one activity under his belt, his standardized test scores were relatively low and he had very few experiences to call upon for reflection and ultimately for writing essays.

Possible Approaches

Improving Joseph’s test scores were a given, but other parts of his application required much more planning. We considered two options:

  1. Develop Joseph’s entire extracurricular profile by helping Joseph find a diverse set of activities.
  2. Focus on one particular group of activities and projects and have his application focused around this particular focal point.

The Admissionado Approach

We ultimately decided to take his interest and strength in the math and sciences and develop his essays and other applications materials around this particular focus. The risk was in portraying Joseph as a “typical” Chinese student that enjoys math and science. However, with an awareness of that risk, we made sure we grasped all opportunities to show Joseph’s unique character and personality. This was an especially important task when Joseph was writing his essays.

The Result

Joseph was accepted to the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

Personal Shoutout

Joseph, you have a long road of challenges ahead of you, but that also means there will be many opportunities to learn and grow! Take advantage of them! Also, let me know what you think about The Three-Body Problem when you’re finished reading it!

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