Meet Gabriella, a Senior. She's from China.

Academic Strength

Well-rounded, firm grasp of English

Biggest Weakness

Personal reflection

Extracurricular Strength

Individual projects, humanities-focused projects, love of stories

Well Roundedness 8

The Challenge

Gabriella worked with me for a little over a year before applying to college. Throughout this period, she pursued unique projects and accomplished many of the goals established at the start of her work with Admissionado.

When it came time to apply to Gabriella’s top choice of Middlebury College, however, Gabriella struggled to reflect on the impressive experiences she pursued throughout high school, meaningfully connect them, and then communicate her thoughts in her essays.

Possible Approaches

Gabriella had pursued a few unique interests and activities, including creating and leading her Mock Trial Club to win multiple competitions; individually living with and conducting research on a matriarchal society in Yunnan, China; and attending Kenyon and Iowa creative writing summer programs. Gabriella could have written about any one of these pursuits in many different perspectives, but we wanted to challenge Gabriella to reflect and write on a topic foundational to who she is as a person, therefore providing the context for everything she had done throughout high school.

The Admissionado Approach

Gabriella reflected on her life experiences and what they meant to her, creating timelines and logic maps along the way to help her visualize her growth. Through this process, she learned that she was drawn to narratives. She also discovered the power stories have in developing cultures like the one she had researched in Yunnan and in shaping individuals like herself. This was what connected many of her experiences and provided the context for her application. Ultimately, after realizing this connection and seeing it throughout her growth map, she put pen to paper and shared her story in a very compelling personal statement.

The Result

Gabriella was accepted ED to her dream school, Middlebury College.

Personal Shoutout

Over the past year, I witnessed Gabriella grow into a strong individual, who learned to think for herself. I’m so proud that she received acceptance to her dream school by way of her own commitment to personal development. I am confident that her willingness to embrace challenges will continue to bring Gabriella success in all her future endeavors.

Congratulations, Gabi! Keep learning, keep growing, and keep being AMAZING!

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