Meet Beyonce, age 24. She's from the US.

Biggest Strength

Demonstrated impact

Biggest Weakness

Ultra competitive demographic



Competitiveness of Demographic 10

The Challenge

The client’s main hurdle was connecting her current job with her career goals. She was a rockstar management consultant and did a range of projects, but she wanted to pursue a social impact career. Her challenge was conveying her passion for food security in a convincing way.

Possible Approaches

The first approach we considered was talking about how management consulting gave her the skills that would allow her to kill it in the social sector. Second, we considered talking about her social impact work as an undergrad, and how it laid the groundwork for her aspirations. Lastly, we settled on a hibrid approach, creating a narrative out of both.

The Admissionado Approach

We settled on hybrid to develop one, fluid, dynamic narrative. We talked about her social impact undergrad work, but how she realized that she wanted to have a BIG impact. That required the power of business, not just non profit work. That’s why she cut her teeth in management consulting. We then tied in how getting an MBA would positioned her to singlehandedly achieve world peace (and if not that, at least allow her to have some other BIG impact).

The Result

She got into Stanford AND HBS (with money!)

Personal Shoutout

Beyonce was one of the brightest, most vibrant clients I’ve ever worked with. And while most MBAs have grand ambitions that involve impact AND money, her ambition was purely impact. That inspired me. I’m looking forward to the day when the leader of the UN is named Beyonce… Queen B’s reign will be flawless.

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