Yale SOM

Small, intimate, and very “New England”, Yale SOM offers an Ivy League experience that gives the school more prestige than its ranking. Most famous for its strengths in Non-Profit and Entrepreneurship, Yale’s integrated curriculum focuses on building “a new way of seeing.” Lately Yale has been focusing on building not only a new state-of-the-art campus, but also its strengths in Finance and Consulting.


Intimate Program

With only about 250 students per class and one of the best professor-student ratios in the MBA world, Yale ensures an intimate experience for its students with a tight-knit and devoted network of students, alumni and faculty.

Non-Profit Powerhouse

Yale is consistently one of the highest-ranked (if not the highest) non-profit programs in the US. About 6% of Yale graduates enter the non-profit industry, a percentage which is well over twice the average for other schools.

Loan Forgiveness

For those students who go into the Non-Profit industry and take jobs which do not allow them to pay back the high MBA tuition, Yale offers a first-of-its-kind Loan Forgiveness program.

Strong in Finance

Yale’s preeminence in the northeast and its proximity to NYC makes it a great option for students interested in a finance career. In last year’s class, 25% of graduates went into finance, the majority in International Banking.


  • Source Rank
  • US News & World Report 14
  • Businessweek 6
  • Financial Times 17
  • Forbes 18
  • The Economist 19
  • Wall Street Journal NA
  • Admissionado 11


GMAT Middle
Acceptance Rate

Employment Info

Mean Salary
Salary Increase
Employment Rate

Top Recruiters Barclay's, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Boston Consulting Group, Amazon.com

Important Dates

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Admissionado Tips

Be Authentic

Yale SOM is more than just about a single detail or a high grade. It’s about the big picture, which includes not only your work and volunteer experience, but also who you are as a person and how everything fits together. In your essays, show the school that you can and will change the world, and that you can do so through business while keeping in mind a social mission….all without trying too hard to impress.

Show Fit

Show that you can fit into Yale’s intimate program, and how Yale’s strengths in consulting, nonprofit and finance will help further your career. Also, showing Yale that they are your first choice and proving it with deep knowledge about the school, its program, and people can go a long way to make a convincing argument.

Avoid Name Dropping

You can’t fake it ’til you make it at Yale, so avoid dropping names to prove your knowledge of the program. The adcom is gonna see right through that. If you want to impress the adcom (and that’s exactly what you want to do) really get in there and know the program intimately. The school wants people that want to be a part of their community (whether that is the IB community, the social sector, etc) so speak in GREAT and authentic detail to why it is the place for you.

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