University of Chicago

If there was a school just for overachievers, it would probably look a lot like University of Chicago. The school has become renowned for making definitive progress in almost every major field, from literary criticism and behavioralism to economics and physics. Nobel Laureates, Rhodes Scholars, Fields Medalists… it’s like an awards machine. In the City of Big Shoulders, UChicago is the big brain perched on top.


Chicago Studies Program

The Windy City is the third largest metropolitan area in the US, and U Chicago gives students learning opportunities direct from the city itself through courses such as Child Poverty and Chicago Schools, and Urban Cultures, Local Politics and Globalization. The Chicago Studies Program is a dream come true for students who want to bring their learning into the city, and the city into the classroom.

House System

Residence life at U Chicago is pretty sweet. There are ten dorms—some are newer than others but most are pretty spacious and clean—with specific “houses” within those dorms (think Harry Potter.) Students in each house get together to go on trips to downtown Chicago, to the movies, theater, you name it. Houses typically have under and upperclassmen, so it’s a good way to get to know more than just the freshman class.

Logan Center for the Arts

Besides all the theatres and museums in the city of Chicago that are literally steps away, U Chicago recently opened the new Logan Center for the Arts right on campus. Logan hosts many events and exhibits geared towards students including the Cabaret Series, the AcapellaFest, and the Logan Gallery, to name a few.


No other American university combines the undergraduate biological sciences department with graduate, medical and postgraduate education. But at UChicago, all elements of academic medicine instruction take place on a single campus in Hyde Park, so biology undergrads here have access to more resources than those at other universities. No wonder biology is one of the most popular majors at UChicago.


  • US News & World Report 4
  • Admissionado 12

Student Body

  • Male
  • Female
  • Applicants 30271
  • Accepted 2670
  • Enrolled 1426


Average SAT
Average ACT
Acceptance Rate

Cost & Financial Aid Info

Tuition Cost
% Receiving Aid
Average $ Received

Important Dates

Nov 1, 2017
Early Decision
Jan 1, 2017
Regular Decision Deadline
Feb 15, 2017
Financial Aid Deadline

For Your Information

Famous/Notable Alumni

Roger Ebert, Paul Carroll, Misha Collins.

5 Most Popular Majors

(1) Social Science, (2) Biology, (3) Mathematics, (4) English, (5) History

Fun Fact!

The first man-made nuclear reactor, the Chicago Pile-1, was built under one of the school’s racquetball courts.

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