Stanford GSB

The Harvard of the West. Elite, yet Stanford (unlike HBS) also has a sensitive side. Stanford is known for being extremely selective, focusing on people and ideas. Arguably the top entrepreneurial program in the country, Stanford has legendary Silicon Valley connections.


Sillicon Valley Connections

According to a study by Stanford Professor Tim Lenoir, “More than 50 percent of Silicon Valley’s product comes from companies of Stanford alumni.” Not too shabby, especially if your career goal is to invent the next Playstation.


No, not the TV show, but Stanford’s “Center for Social Innovation” is a unique center focusing on building leaders to solve social and environmental problems through business. Stanford’s non-profit program is among the best in the world, perhaps THE best.

Soft Skills

Must of Stanford’s curriculum revolves around innovation thinking, entrepreneurship, and managing change. Don’t expect to arrive in Pal Alto, do your time in Finance, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship… and then leave.

Reliance Dhirbhai Fellows Program

Stanford’s Fellowship Program, supporting Indian students with financial need, is perhaps the only one if its kind. Each year, Stanford awards up to five Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships.

Mohammed bin Rashid Fellows Program

This is another extremely prestigious fellowship program for students from Arab regions who will return home for at least two years of employment after graduation.


  • Source Rank
  • US News & World Report 1
  • Businessweek 4
  • Financial Times 4
  • Forbes 1
  • The Economist 9
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Admissionado 2


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Top Recruiters McKinsey, BCG, Morgan Stanley, Bain, Yahoo!

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Admissionado Tips

Be Broad-Minded

A full 50% of Stanford’s class comes from humanities backgrounds. It’s all about more than just “business” or “tech” here.

Show Your Smarts

Stanford is known for academic excellence, for a program that “breaks the mold” by focusing on “changing your thinking” or the “soft skills” of business. Approximately 15% of the class enters the MBA program with other graduate or professional degrees.

Portray Yourself Fully

Success is based on more than just leadership or success here (although those certainly don’t hurt). With the GSB, focus on HOW you led, how you did it with OTHERS, and of course what you LEARNED about yourself in the process. In your Stanford application especially, one must do more than simply list off achievements; instead, build a thinking/feeling application that demonstrates the way in which your are a dynamic, broad-minded person.

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