As one of the Colonial Colleges, Rutgers brings a ton of reputation to the table. Tough classes and an individually-driven student experience make it a great place to learn self-reliance. Famous for its diversity and international appeal, Rutgers is a melting pot within America’s melting pot, offering a world-class education and exposure to other cultures for a truly global learning experience.


Top of the Charts

A ton of academic programs at Rutgers rank in the top ten for their disciplines in several publications. Some of these top-notch programs include Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics, Gender and Literature, Library and Information Services, Marine and Coastal Sciences, Public Affairs Information, and others. Pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves (and we do).


The University has more faculty members in the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences than any other public peer school in the Northeast. When it comes to distinguished faculty, Rutgers nearly has the market cornered.

Scientific Research

It’s a good time to study science at Rutgers, that’s for sure. The Rutgers University Cell and DNA Repository is currently the largest university-based repository of its kind in the world. The repository is a key international center for research in genetics and autism, mental health, drug abuse, alcoholism, and more.


Forget what you may have heard about New Jersey. U.S. News & World Report has ranked Rutgers–Newark the #1 most diverse student body since 1997. That’s fifteen years of diversity, and that’s pretty awesome if you ask us.


  • US News & World Report 70
  • Admissionado 25

Student Body

  • Male
  • Female
  • Applicants 30631
  • Accepted 18230
  • Enrolled 6402


Average SAT
Average ACT
Acceptance Rate

Cost & Financial Aid Info

Tuition Cost
% Receiving Aid
Average $ Received

Important Dates

Nov 1, 2017
Early Decision
Dec 1, 2017
Regular Decision Deadline
Jan 15, 2017
Financial Aid Deadline

For Your Information

Famous/Notable Alumni

Milton Friedman, Toni Morrison.

5 Most Popular Majors

(1) Criminal Justice, (2) Accounting, (3) Nursing, (4) Finance, (5) Biology

Fun Fact!

Before 1955, Rutger’s official mascot was the Chanticleer (a fighting rooster), but was later changed to the Scarlet Knight because of all the accusations of the old mascot “being chicken.”

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