Rice University

At the forefront of tech, Rice University emphasizes a small, student-focused environment (5:1 student to faculty ratio… wow). Offering a vibrant and highly interconnected level of student participation and noted for its strong applied science departments, Rice draws competitive science students from around the world and regularly ranks with the best science schools in the US.



Houston is the fourth-largest city in the U.S. With a ton of restaurants, shopping, music venues, museums, and theatres, Houston is a great city for college students, and is easily accessible from Rice’s campus. There’s also a beach and a 1,466 acre wood nearby for the sunbathers and mountain bikers.

Residential College System

Students at Rice have a different campus living experience than most. Freshmen are assigned to one of 11 residential colleges, each of which has their own dining halls, common areas, and dorms. Most students live in their residential college, and maintain membership in their college throughout their entire time as an undergrad. Through their college students can participate in events, student government, trips, and discussions, adding to the intellectual diversity of campus life and creating a strong feeling of community within each college.

Best Value

Rice has ranked in Best Value lists a number of times over. Princeton Review ranked Rice #10 for great financial aid; Fiske dubbed Rice a “Best Buy School”; and Kiplinger ranked Rice #4 best value among private universities. A great school that’s also a great value? That’s what we like to hear.


  • US News & World Report 19
  • Admissionado 16

Student Body

  • Male
  • Female
  • Applicants 15415
  • Accepted 2581
  • Enrolled 978


Average SAT
Average ACT
Acceptance Rate

Cost & Financial Aid Info

Tuition Cost
% Receiving Aid
Average $ Received

Important Dates

Nov 1, 2017
Early Decision
Jan 1, 2017
Regular Decision Deadline
Apr 15, 2017
Financial Aid Deadline

For Your Information

Famous/Notable Alumni

Howard Hughes, Candace Bushnell.

5 Most Popular Majors

(1) Biochemistry, (2) Economics, (3) Psychology, (4) English, (5) Political Science

Fun Fact!

Once a year, Rice hosts the Beer Bike Race, a relay in which sober students ride to checkpoints where their designated “chuggers” guzzle down a drink as fast as possible.

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