MIT Sloan

Mens et Manus. “Hands and Mind,” is their motto. Through MIT’s hands-on “action-based learning program,” MBA candidates flex their minds by flexing their muscles in real-life environments. MIT offers great connections in high-tech, and a consistently high-ranked general management program.


Action-Based Learning

Sloan believes in “experiential learning.” Although there are case studies as well, Sloan pushes beyond the chit-chat by offering laboratory courses and other active initiatives.

$100K Business Plan Competition

Have a good business idea? Short on cash because you blew everything on tuition? MIT’s Business Plan Competition is legendary. Here’s your chance to win some of that cash back…

Silicon Valley Tech Track

While Sloan offers excellent connections with the High-Tech world, Cambridge, MA is not exactly the heart of Silicon Valley. Never fear, Sloan’s visit to the valley is known to be one of the best treks on any MBA campus.

Specialty Track

Sloan offers two specialty tracks which in addition to your MBA diploma will earn you a certificate in your area of specialization: 1) Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E&I) – focused on launching and developing emerging technology companies. 2) Finance Track – this one focuses on, well, Finance.


  • Source Rank
  • US News & World Report 5
  • Businessweek 14
  • Financial Times 8
  • Forbes 12
  • The Economist 12
  • Wall Street Journal 4
  • Admissionado 5


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Admissionado Tips

The Thought Process

Read the fine print gang. For Sloan, it’s more than just ticking off those impressive achievements, it’s also about the Why and the How, as evidenced by the note that shows up on their Essay Questions each year: “In each of the essays please describe in detail what you thought, felt, said, and did.” It’s not enough to just give facts, you must give the reasons behind them.

Sloan Is Not MIT

Although Sloan attracts many Engineers, a quick look at the hiring statistics and profile quickly reveals that Sloan does not necessarily mean MIT. Sloan remains an excellent general management school and by far the greatest numbers of graduates go on to consulting.

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