Harvard Business School

The Gold Standard. This is where you come to rub elbows with the President’s children. Leadership, leadership, leadership. The Case Method. Superstar professors. Superstar peers. Admissionado Founder Jon Frank is one of those superstars (but he’s pretty modest about the whole thing).


Huge Class, Huge Alumni Pool

Harvard has one of the biggest classes of any MBA program, which grants access to a seemingly endless network of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and powerful folks the world over.

Kennedy's School of Government's Joint Degree Program

If politics and business strike your fancy and/or you have dreams of becoming the leading politician of your city/state/country, this program might be right up your alley.

2 + 2

For the young’uns who haven’t yet finished college but know that Harvard Business School’s MBA holds the key to their future, Harvard offers its unique 2+2 program.

General Management

HBS is known to focus on General Management and is best known for producing countless CEOs and high-level corporate managers. Jack Welch, anyone?


Harvard students can take up to two electives at Tufts, MIT, or any of Harvard’s other colleges in their second (all-elective) year.


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  • US News & World Report 2
  • Businessweek 8
  • Financial Times 1
  • Forbes 3
  • The Economist 6
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Admissionado 1


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Top Recruiters BCG, Fidelity, JP Morgan, McKinsey, UBS

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Admissionado Tips

Top Of The Class

Harvard loves overachievers – they want valedictorians, those who are always selected as the “first out of X,” people who lead others, who make television appearances, etc….

Nail Your GMAT

This year’s AVERAGE GMAT was 730 – ridiculous, right? Right. But GMAT scores are skyrocketing, and hopefully so is yours.

Show Leadership

The single most important thing Harvard looks for is leadership. They want to see that in each and every aspect of your life (professional AND personal), you have been a leader. If you can prove this piece, you have a real shot.

Apply Early

Everybody applies to Harvard. And we mean everybody. You will increase your chances if you apply in the first two rounds.

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