The folks at Dartmouth seem to have it all figured out. They work hard, and they play hard. The work is done under the tutelage of professors that students swear are the best and most accessible in the world. And the playing, mostly tied to Dartmouth’s legendary Greek system (Animal House, anyone?), tends to be epic.



Forget semesters, Dartmouth’s flexible quarter plan allows students to customize their curriculum to their personal needs and goals. Students can do just about anything they want in terms what they study and when they study it, and are even encouraged to take a term off during the regular year to pursue internships or study abroad.

Greek Life

It’s all about Greek Life at Dartmouth, with about 60% of the student body affiliated with one of the campus’s 32 houses.

New England Charm

Not a city guy? Prefer the great outdoors? Dartmouth’s picturesque New England campus provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities, including hikes in the nearby mountains.

Collaborative Culture

Because Dartmouth’s campus is somewhat insulated (the closest big city is about 3 hours away!), the school focuses on inclusion, collaboration and personal interaction. Classes are often smaller and more intimate, and the school is very open and supportive to anyone looking to start a new student group on campus.


  • US News & World Report 11
  • Admissionado 8

Student Body

  • Male
  • Female
  • Applicants 22428
  • Accepted 2337
  • Enrolled 1117


Average SAT
Average ACT
Acceptance Rate

Cost & Financial Aid Info

Tuition Cost
% Receiving Aid
Average $ Received

Important Dates

Nov 1, 2017
Early Decision
Jan 1, 2017
Regular Decision Deadline
Feb 1, 2017
Financial Aid Deadline

For Your Information

Famous/Notable Alumni

Daniel Webster, Robert Frost, Dr. Seuss.

5 Most Popular Majors

(1) Economics, (2) Psychology, (3) Political Science, (4) Biology, (5) History

Fun Fact!

With no official mascot, Dartmouth students have been known to create their own unofficial mascots and are responsible for the infamous Keggy the Beer Keg and the Dartmoose.

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