Cornell Johnson

Located in beautiful upstate New York, Johnson’s rural location is great for focusing on your studies in a school known for its academic rigor, while also offering up access to the NYC job market. Johnson is reputed for its collaborative culture, for the friendliness of its faculty and staff, its tight knit community and focus on harnessing the strength of others as a key leadership trait.


Performance Learning

Johnson’s performance learning experience is based on real-life learning. You not only learn in the classroom, but also have the chance to apply your learning in real-world settings. BR Consulting (BRC), for one, is a Johnson student-run consulting entity through which you can gain real-world consulting experience, Or Big Red Ventures, an e

Immersion Learning

Once you have finished your core courses in the first semester of the first year, Johnson offers its signature Immersion Learning Program in a variety of fields, from Investment Banking to Sustainable Global Enterprise to Strategic Marketing. In this unique program, you will focus in on the field that is most relevant to your goals, all within the scope of Johnson’s real-world “performance learning” approach.

Finance Powerhouse

With its connections to NYC and its finance program offerings, it is no wonder that 43% of the last graduating class went into finance. Johnson has many great real-world learning opportunities for its students in finance. For example, you can become a Cayuga Fund Student Fund and gain hedge fund/asset management experience with Cornell’s fund. Or you can hop over to the Boas Trading Room, a 32-seat virtual Trading Room with all the tools you need to learn. Johnson brings The Street upstate.


  • Source Rank
  • US News & World Report 16
  • Businessweek 13
  • Financial Times 28
  • Forbes 9
  • The Economist 23
  • Wall Street Journal NA
  • Admissionado 15


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Top Recruiters Citi, Deloitte, Accenture, J.P. Morgan

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Admissionado Tips

Be A Johnson Fan

Only half of the students who are accepted to Johnson actually go, so Johnson really does love applicants who truly love them. If you can show that all of the advantages of the school fit your profile, it will greatly help prove to the school that you are serious about them.

Show Fit

Show that you know what the Immersion Program is, that you understand their performance learning approach, and that their unique hands-on pedagogical methodologies fits you both personally and professionally.

Focus on Community

Johnson’s small class size and location in rural up-state New York attract applicants who REALLY want to get to know each other and will. It is a program that focuses on building relationships and community among both students and faculty and will seek out applicants looking to gain that experience. Think about what clubs and activities you’d like to get involved in on campus even before you visit.

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