Cal Tech

The California Institute of Technology is different… in a good way. Relatively small, crazy competitive, and super-prestigious, Caltech thrives with a very student-centered academic experience. Often considered the MIT of the West Coast, Caltech is nonetheless a true original.


No Easy A's

Caltech has the lowest four-year graduation rate among the leading US universities—about 80%, and fewer students graduate with honors. That isn’t because students at Caltech aren’t motivated. Caltech students are some of the brightest in the country, and the school sets the bar high. There is also less grade inflation here than at other schools.

Research University

It isn’t surprising that the most popular majors at Caltech are in Engineering, Physical Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Mathematics and Statistics, and Biological and Biomedical Sciences. At Caltech, there is a very high emphasis on research, sometimes even more so than classroom learning.

Honor Code

Caltech is very proud of its honor code, and students don’t take it lightly. All tests are take-home, and collaboration is encouraged. This—plus the small size of the school—helps make Caltech more of a tight-knit community.

House System

The residential system at Caltech is unique—think a combination of dorm and fraternity/sorority life. Students opt into one of seven different houses, each with its own traditions, theme, and personality type. A student’s house is determined during the first week of freshman year during an event called “Rotation.”


  • US News & World Report 10
  • Admissionado 9

Student Body

  • Male
  • Female
  • Applicants 5535
  • Accepted 584
  • Enrolled 249


Average SAT
Average ACT
Acceptance Rate

Cost & Financial Aid Info

Tuition Cost
% Receiving Aid
Average $ Received

Important Dates

Nov 1, 2017
Early Decision
Jan 3, 2017
Regular Decision Deadline
Mar 2, 2017
Financial Aid Deadline

For Your Information

Famous/Notable Alumni

Harrison Schmidt, John McCarthy, Carver Mead

5 Most Popular Majors

(1) Engineering, (2) Physical Science, (3) Mathematics, (4) Biology, (5) Computers and IT

Fun Fact!

Caltech alumnus Sandra Tsing Loh presents “The Loh Down on Science” every day, twice a day. These six-minute presentations feature all the latest in Caltech research and discoveries.

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