Booth, “The Chicago School.” Boasting more Economics Nobel Prize laureates than any other school in the world, Booth is a place for thought, one that champions a free-market economy and that has influenced US Public Policy. Also, they are SERIOUS about getting you a job, at graduation.


Three Booths!

It’s more than just the “Chicago” school, but also the London and Singapore schools – Booth offers three worldwide campuses to take advantage of.

Diverse Range of Programs

With the MBA, the part-time MBA, the executive MBA, and the International MBA, Chicago offers a full range of programs, whether you are in Europe, or Asia, or prefer to take your EMBA classes on weekends, or in the evenings.

Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD)

An experiential learning course that starts with a 3-day getaway, simulating real-world business problems to build better leaders.

Curriculum Flexibility

All schools offer a certain amount of flexibility, but Booth takes it to the extreme. LEAD is the school’s only required course, the rest of your curriculum is all yours to design.

Warren Buffet Group

A group dedicated to learning to invest like Warren (and hopefully get rich like him). Plus you even get to meet Mr. Buffet in person…

International Business Exchange Program (IBEP)

Chicago offers exchange programs in 33 schools and 21 countries. This is mandatory for IMBA candidates, and optional for the rest.


  • Source Rank
  • US News & World Report 4
  • Businessweek 3
  • Financial Times 9
  • Forbes 2
  • The Economist 1
  • Wall Street Journal 9
  • Admissionado 5


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Employment Info

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Employment Rate

Top Recruiters McKinsey, BCG, Barclays PLC, Bain, Citigroup Inc.

Important Dates

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Admissionado Tips

Finance People Welcome

Chicago is not known as a powerhouse of economics for nothing. If you are an Investor, an Money Manager, a Banker, a Private Wealth fellow (or gal), Chicago is a good choice for you. Although Chicago has plenty of consultants and General Management people, the large majority of students come from an economics/finance background. So show your finance strengths, show your finance goals, and show how Chicago will connect you to those goals.

Show Maturity

Chicago’s applicants tend to be a bit older, a bit more serious, even a bit more…married than other schools’ applicants. Yes, they want you to be social and involved! But you will fit in better with a few more years under your belt, and can show your maturity in your application.

Show Creativity

Booth is tired of accepting only single-minded finance folks. Beyond your finance chops, show how creative you are; there are now record amounts of dollars available, thanks to the honorable Mr. Booth, for qualified candidates. Go get this money, by making yourself stand out!

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