The Admissionado Guide To Elite MBA Admissions

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The hunt for pertinent information regarding the application process to business school can be… boundless.

There is enough information out there to keep you busy for a lifetime, and in some cases, this can be more paralyzing than illuminating. It’s easy to get stuck on the wrong details prematurely (it has happened to all of us): for example, pre-determining “fit” based on a school’s location, class size, etc. Or worse, being seduced by the reductionist labels some schools have become associated with over the years (Kellogg is strong for marketing! But therefore probably not finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, etc.). Wrrrrong! To choose a Top 50 program that may be famous for its supposed strength in finance OVER Kellogg (a top 10 program), simply because Kellogg isn’t “known” for finance, would be a mistake in judgment of the highest order.

Introducing The Admissionado Guide to Elite MBA Admissions. In this guide, we simplify the process through a no-nonsense point of view. We help you cut through the noise to focus on what’s really important. This guide includes a survey of the MBA admissions landscape, tips and tricks on MBA essay writing, an overview of major essay topics, samples of successful essays, and more.