50 Essays That Worked Vol 1

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The admissions essay… the single most powerful tool any MBA applicant has in their toolbox.

A great essay will make the difference between being forgettable and being unforgettable to the admissions committee. A great essay can compensate for almost any weakness in your profile, from a low GPA or GMAT to a long work gap on your resume. A great essay will convince the adcom that you’re a good bet – someone who has been successful and has a solid plan to be even more successful in the future. A great essay will say everything it needs to say, effortlessly, giving off vapors that spell future success.

At most, an adcom will spend a couple minutes scanning your essays, so your essays need to be as tight, impactful, and memorable as possible. So, what makes a great essay “great?”

Well, the best way to learn how to write a great essay is to read ones that led to acceptance letters. Admissionado is pleased to introduce “50 Essays That Worked,” a collection of various essays from successful MBA applicants to top b-schools across the globe. Even though each school has their own set of questions, all essay prompts ask for the same essential stories: short- and long-term goals, past successes, past failures, and what makes you… you. See if any of these essays inspire you and give you the confidence to serve up your own special brand of excellence that will win the hearts of the gatekeepers to your dream program.