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UCLA – Knapp Crackle Pop

September 08, 2010 :: Admissionado Team

Let’s talk about Anderson’s Venture Competition.

Run by the Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies since 1982 (Yes, 1982, the very same year in which sweatbands became a fashion statement, and The Eye of the Tiger was a number one hit) the student-run Knapp Venture Competition is one of those great hands-on learn-while-doing and even-get-some-money-for-it initiatives that as an entrepreneur, you are sure to love.

The idea is simple: simulate the process of starting and evaluating an entrepreneurial enterprise so that when you really go through it, you will have some experience under your belt. It works for 747 pilots, so why not for business students like yourself?

It’s also a way for you to take all that diverse and sometimes overly-theoretical seeming knowledge you have gained at your time at Anderson, and mix it all together to integrate concepts from the core curriculum – economics, finance, operations, marketing, accounting, strategy, and organizational development – into a total plan for starting a business.

And it’s not just about winning (although $10,000 and a nice certificate to hang on your wall surely never hurts J). Through the process of participation, you will interact with your classmates in a depth that you have never done before, you will get detailed feedback from faculty, entrepreneurs, alumni, and professional investors that serve on the judging panels.

But maybe the most exciting thing is testing your ideas in the last stages of your studies before leaping into the real world. You all have amazing and original ideas, isn’t it time you worked on it and saw what other people thought, too?

For more info, check out Anderson’s website: