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Essay Analysis: NYU Stern School of Business 2018-19

June 13, 2018 :: Admissionado Team

NYU Stern is back! This time with… the exact same prompts.

This is actually quite exciting. We’re happy to see that Stern is doubling down on the fun “pick six” photo essay they introduced last year. Stern’s prompt is representative of a trend in non-writing prompts, which used to be very open-ended (submitting a video of your interpretative dance piece “Penguin Sonata IV” was a-okay), but now have much more structure.  We found our client’s photo essays to be revealing and comparatively quick to make–we’d love to see this sort of thing emulated more widely.

The photo essay is paired with a straightforward goals essay and optional, for a relatively easy application. Let’s dive in!

NYU Stern School of Business Essay Analysis 2018-19.