7 MBA Interview Tips What NOT to Do
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7 MBA Interview Tips – What NOT to Do

January 22, 2020 :: Admissionado Team

What makes a great MBA Interview? We’ve gotten MBA interview tips from former admissions counselors, our own expert MBA admissions consultants, and even our successful applicants have weighed in. And now, our COO Lauren Herskovic is getting in the game.

Here we present what NOT to do at an MBA interview – 7 MBA Interview Tips

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#1 – Do NOT talk like a robot.

We know that you wouldn’t actually intend talk like a robot, BUT there is a tendency to freeze up and get nervous in high-pressure interview situations… which could lead to robot-like tendencies. Stay calm, and be natural. Your interview should feel like a conversation, not an interrogation.

#2 – Be Prepared

Our interview with a former admissions counselor at a top MBA program revealed that the biggest pet peeve of MBA interviewers is when candidates come unprepared. You need to do your research on the school, prepare your stories, and get to know your interviewer BEFORE your interview.

#3 – Don’t Be Late

Double-check and triple-check your interview date and time… especially for on-line meetings (time zones can be tricky).

#4 – Do NOT gush about the wrong school.

Sometimes in your flurry of preparation, you may forget when your birthday is, where your car keys are, and what school you’re interviewing at. Same as your essays, make SURE that you’re talking about the right school. Nothing can send your interview crashing faster than gushing about the wrong school.

#5 – Do NOT read your resume.

The last thing interviewers want to hear is a play-by-play of your resume. Your interview should be a conversation – filled with compelling stories and anecdotes that also just happen to highlight your best qualities and achievement.

#6 – Be confident, not arrogant.

Going into an interview with confidence is key, but being over confident and arrogant is a huge turn-off. You should be confident and purposeful but also humble and appreciative of the opportunity given to you.

#7 – Plan for tech problems.

Nothing is worse than having a great conversation with your interviewer and then your Internet gets cut off, or Skype freezes, or your headphones don’t work. Plan for possible technical problems beforehand. Test your headphones and microphone and make sure all your software is running smoothly.