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Why Harvard? Why Wharton? Why Tuck? etc…

August 07, 2008 :: Admissionado Team

One more quick thought on a common misstep here. XYZ CLASS will allow me to learn about ABC. XYZ CLUB will allow me to meet others interested in ABC.

This may all be true, but as a convincing/compelling argument, it’s weak. It’s… UNEARNED. FIRST, demonstrate a need of yours or a desire. Establish it as a fact. I want to learn about XYZ. (The first thing that happens is the gears are now churning in their heads… “Hey, we have a GREAT class to address that need!”) The more specific you can get, the better. A smaller-sized class here will benefit me because (or a larger size class will benefit me because…) Then you suggest (not in so many words) that while there are obviously many schools out there that have classes that would be FINE… YOUR SCHOOL offers a class called ___________.

And here’s why it’s PERFECT. Now, you end up with the exact same overall point as “X will allow me to Y.” But in doling it out in this order, you’ve earned that claim far more convincingly. You made an actual argument.

That said, other structures can work just as well or better. The real take home point here is to bat this around in your head a bit and try to figure out how to make your “arguments” convincing and unassailable.