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Walter: So Close to the Finish Line!

September 10, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

walterAlthough I consider myself good at multi-tasking, boy, isn’t the application period excitingly busy! I plan to take off from my work for few days to finish off the major workload of essays. The reality is having Eric on my side is quite comforting. Following a very thorough – think as deep in the ocean floor as you can – essay review by Eric, I feel enlightened. However, to be honest, because of the time crunch [that deadline is a week away!] and with so many great thoughtful comments, I felt a bit unclear on the best approach forward.

Eric came to rescue again rushing through the ocean and in a call for over 30 minutes, we refined on few ideas of writing the best-possible essay. I could really understand how important is to focus on one theme. Although, I’m still working on it, I’m close to perfection in my essay right now. However, the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that instead of talking about so many points that I thought were missing in the rest of my application (goals detail, leadership experience detail), it’s important to talk about one solid story and take it up from there. [Tip from Eric: It’s all about DEPTH, not BREADTH. The adcom wants to SEE one thing on a deep level, versus getting a shallow view of a BUNCH of things.] As I await my second essay draft, I’m off to writing my essays for the other school I’m targeting.

September is going to be a memorable month I’m sure.

By the way, another interesting thing happened this past week. Some super seniors at my firm left for a start-up and were willing to engage me as a partner because of my knowledge of the sector. I felt excited at doing something on my own. However, immediately, my focus shifted towards my applications. Once, I submit my apps and get a good admit, my risk appetite will sure increase. And I’m waiting for that day. Eagerly. Till then wish me good luck.

By my next blog post, I would have submitted my HBS app with more app(s) waiting around the corner. September is going to be very hectic, but it’s also gonna bring me some good news, I’m sure.

Walter’s your “typical” (in the eyes of the adcom) Indian IT male, fighting his way to HBS. And he’s ALMOST THERE! You can follow his journey from start to submission right here.