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Walter: Goodnight and Good Luck!

November 20, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

walterAs I await interview calls for the R1 schools, I’m gearing up for next set of my applications. The good part is that I already have my stories on paper in a deep introspective way. My recommenders are more than willing to submit strong letters. Now, I need to conduct deep research on the schools, give my full attempt again and hope for the best.

In fact, the process has already begun!

At present, I’m researching about Tuck. I like Tuck because of its close knit collaborative community and the residential MBA experience it offers. Tuck has top-notch faculty, excellent job recruitments in my field of interest, and offers an amazing atmosphere to engage with diverse classmates. Talking to current students and alums over the past weeks has strengthened my interest in the program. The culture leads the graduates to form a unique, life-long connection with Tuck. The amazing atmosphere creates opportunity for a transformative experience. I can’t wait to apply to this awesome MBA program.

Guys, although this is my last official post for Admissionado, having been together for so long, I promise to update you all with any good news. I learnt a lot through the process. Admissionado’s help is much appreciated. My consultant Eric pushed me to extract the best out of my experiences.  I end this post with key points that I will focus upon in my next applications.

  1. Be specific whether it’s the Classes. Courses. Clubs. Stories.
  2. Network with students and alumnus and get a feel for school’s culture.
  3. Stay away from acronyms, industry abbreviations and use simple language.
  4. Focus on demonstrating the passion in a story and leaving with something memorable.

I will definitely try to put my best foot forward. Although I couldn’t make it to my top choice, I am happy that I learnt a LOT through the process. Now, it’s time to capitalize on the reflection and deliver.

This is Walter’s final blog post here, but stay tuned for updates. And if you want to follow his entire Round 1 journey, you can catch it all right here.