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Northwestern Kellogg: Five Things You Need To Know Before You Apply

October 17, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

When it comes to prestigious grad schools in Chicago, there’s University of Chicago and Northwestern University. U of C is world-renowned for cranking out big brains – Nobel Laureates, Fulbright scholars, Rhodes scholars, and the like. Northwestern, on the other hand, is the school of big achievers. The go-getters, the doers. Actors, politicians, journalists, and captains of industry. Oh yeah, and some of the most respected MBAs on the planet.

Looking to join their ranks? Our resident big-brained big achiever Yaron Dahan served us up five insights into the home of the Wildcats:

  1. The King of Marketing. Bar none, Kellogg is the number one marketing school in the world and has been since, like… forever. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Kellogg pioneered the earliest advertising and marketing courses, and many of the biggest advances and breakthroughs in the study of marketing have come out of Northwestern’s bschool. Connecting your past experiences and future goals to this rich history and tradition could help to show your fit at Kellogg.
  2. Experiential Learning. Kellogg is HUGE on experiential learning, the whole hands-on education approach. This means courses, labs, and lectures at Kellogg are geared towards “will this work” instead of “this has worked.” Case-study is NOT the name of the game at Northwestern, making it a place for experimentation and cutting-edge research in the business world. If you’re looking for a place to pitch that “out of left field” idea, strategy, or business plan, Kellogg could be the place for you.
  3. One-Year Program. Along with its traditional two-year MBA program, Kellogg offers the best fast-track one-year program in the US. The same nineteen areas of focus are available to part-time and full-time candidates, and part-time students can work regular jobs during the day and take night classes with the same professors as the full-time candidates. Kellogg is all about accommodating the real-world MBA student, so remember that when applying. They WANT to accept you, so show them how you fit and don’t give them reasons to reject you.
  4. Be a People Person. Why would we ever used such a hackneyed cliché to describe such a STELLAR MBA program? Because that’s what Kellogg wants. Kellogg likes people who know how to rub elbows, people who can show it it’s about more than just learning… that it’s about PEOPLE. Showing that you have participated in the community, in clubs in your undergrad years, or that you’ve gotten involved in work-based volunteer programs will show them that you will do the same at Kellogg, where student-run clubs are a MAJOR part of student life.
  5. Show Your Sporting Side. Kellogg is known throughout the bschool world as one of the most “collegiate” programs. They seem to have a soft spot for athletes, especially those who have participated in professional or semi-pro sports teams. What’s this mean for you? Well, maybe you’re captain of a community cricket team. Maybe you’re a footballer with a college championship trophy. If you can work that into your application, and tie it into the teamwork and leadership skills you will use as an MBA, you’ll really connect with the Kellogg adcom.

Now that you’ve got the insight you need for Kellogg, time to write your essays! Got more questions about the application? Check out our 2012-2013 Northwestern Kellogg Essay Analysis.